Callmate Power Banks Prices in India 2017

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Callmate Power Banks Price List in India 2017

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Callmate Power Banks Price List 2017
Latest Callmate Power Banks Prices
Callmate Mobile Holder 7800mAh Power Bank Rs. 729
Callmate Cat Teeth 8000mAh Power Bank Rs. 748
Callmate 8400Mah Power Bank with Dual USB charger Rs. 923
Callmate CL-K3 4000mAh Power Bank Rs. 599
Callmate T3 8000mAh Power Bank Rs. 759
Callmate Leather PB12800LS 12800 mAh Power Bank Rs. 1,249
Callmate PBSPMS3000 3000mAh Power Bank (with Speaker and Stand) Rs. 999
Callmate PBMB-2600 2600mAh Power Bank Rs. 368
Callmate Yuea 7800mAh Power Bank Rs. 379
Callmate PBLH12000 12000mAh Power Bank Rs. 750
Callmate 2800mAh Slider Power Bank Rs. 309
Callmate Black Mirror 15000mAh Power Bank Rs. 1,210
Callmate Golf 10400mAh Power Bank Rs. 800
Callmate LC009 5200mAh Power Bank Rs. 754
Callmate 13000mAh LED Power Bank Rs. 882